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Session, Week 5

Provisional Bill Status: Originally calendared for the Senate floor this week, this bill got recalendared to be heard on Tuesday, June 19th. We will continue to keep you posted on it’s progress.

Senate Budget: The Senate released their proposed budget late Sunday night. Tuesday morning, Senators heard the proposed budget in full appropriations. Unlike in the past, the budget did NOT go before subcommittees to discuss individual sections of the budget. The budget was passed out of committee along party lines and went to the floor. On Thursday, Senators debated and voted the bill, again, across party lines. The proposed bill is sent to the House and the two will have to agree on a budget next week.

Highlights of the Senate Budget:
The Senate spends $100 million more than the House on Medicaid- providing $102 Million to be put in reserve for future shortfalls. The Senate gives NO money to tobacco prevention programs and, like the House, put in a special provision to move all family planning services to Public Health Departments and blocks them from contracting with Planned Parenthood for these services services.

Other highlights:
Teen pregnancy prevention was also cut 30%.
Does not fund for Eugenics Compensation
Contracted lists (as listed in the House budget for Non State Entities) were not included
No additional psychiatric beds (as included in the House budget) at Broughton
No increase for local beds (House included $18 Million)
Drug courts were funded in the Senate budget
Child Welfare Collaborative at $754, 115 (same as House)
Cuts to the Substance Abuse block grant (around $8 million, same as House)
Cuts to Social Services block grant and TANF (these are mostly due to Federal cuts)

To review the proposed Senate budget, click here.

Other bills this week:
Senate bill 433: Local Human Services Administration- passed the House and is being sent back to the Senate with amendments. This bill has grave concerns for local departments of DSS’ and was heavily debated. It was a pilot project in Wake and Durham county for 20 years.
House Bill 1023: Expunction/Nonviolent Offenses- passed a second reading on the House floor (will be read a third time before being sent to the Senate). This bill will allow for criminal records to be cleared after 15 years of a clear record.
House Bill 1048: Incapacity to Proceed Amendments- passed House floor and will be sent to Senate. Amendments to incapacity to proceed as recommended by the legislative research commission.
Senate Bill 525: Critical Access Behavioral Health Agencies- passed out of committee and onto House floor. An act for CABHA’s to provide and oversee certain services.
Senate Bill 910: Sale of a Child/Felony Offense- Passed Senate and assigned to House committee. An act to make the sale of a child a felony and to require the conference of district attorneys to conduct a study to determine what other measures NC needs to take to stop such actions.
House Bill 1075: LME/MCO Governance- passed out of Senate committee and placed on Senate calendar next Tuesday. This bill amends the governance of LME/MCOs with respect to the implementation of the 1915 (b)/(c) waiver.


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