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Session, Week 4

Provisional Bill Update: House Bill 1081 has had a lot of fire this week! The bill was assigned to a House committee and heard on Tuesday. After passing the House committee, it was immediately taken to the House floor. From there, it passed with no opposition and sent to the Senate. The Senate quickly assigned the bill to committee and heard it that night. Again, the bill passed with no opposition. House Bill 1081 has been scheduled to be heard on the Senate floor on Monday night. Though we have had terrific success with this bill, we are not out of the woods yet. The bill still has to go to the Governor for signature and changes have to be made with the Department. Continue to practice and use the Provisional license name per usual.

Raise the Age: Senate Bill 434 (there will be a post subcommittee substitute for this bill- the language is not posted on the website) was heard in a House committee this week. At the last minute, the chair of the committee decided NOT to take a vote and the bill was not voted out of committee. Many people made great arguments on behalf of the bill. We have been told that the bill will be heard next week in committee. We are urging law makers to take a vote on the bill and send it to the floor.

Budget: The House budget passed a few weeks ago and was taken to the Senate. This week, Senators discussed portions of the budget in different appropriations committees. It is rumored that the Senate is going to release it’s budget on Sunday night and take it up in full appropriations on Tuesday. We will keep you posted on details.

The Racial Justice Act: Since long session, legislators have tried to repeal the racial justice act that passed in 2009. This week, they took another stab at it. Senate Bill 416: Amend the Racial Justice Act. This bill was heard in committee this week and met with resistance from a few lawmakers and advocates. The bill is expected to come up this week.

Commission Cuts: Senate Bill 851 Boards and Commissions Efficiency Act of 2012 was heard in committee this week. Several positive amendments were made to try to save the Child Fatality Task Force as well as the Governor’s Advisory Council on Aging. Though heatedly debated, we are hearing rumors that this bill may die. There is not enough support in the House to see it through during short session.

LME/MCO Governance: House Bill 1075– this bill has had many heated arguments and amendments. Senators debated this bill several times this week and took amendments. It has not gone to the floor for a vote yet.


NASW-NC represents the social work profession every day in the legislature. If there are specific bills you are following or hearing about, contact our lobbyist, Kay Paksoy for more information at


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