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Short Session, Week 2

On Thursday, the House released parts of it’s budget. Things to take note of:

Child Welfare Collaborative remains in the TANF Block Grant funds
The TANF block grant is seeing  $325 Million reduction as a result of loss of Federal money.

An increase in the Home and Community Care Block Grant for $1.25 Million. $250,000 from the original proposal ($1.5 Million) was taken out as an amendment to help fund Project C.A.R.E.

The Substance Prevention and Treatment Block Grant is facing an $8 Million reduction.

91 Community beds used for psychiatric treatment will be added to LME’s across the state.

There will be NO cuts to Medicaid reimbursement rates or Optional Services.
Medicaid Rebase was increased to $168 Million to anticipate enrollment growth and usage.

LME Funding Reduction by $8.5 Million in projection of savings through the transitions to MCOs.

Here’s a more in depth write up from WRAL: House Budget 

Please remember, these are only proposals done by the House. A full appropriations meeting is scheduled for next week before the bill goes to the House floor. From here, the Senate still has to pass a budget and the Governor has to sign off on a compromise of the two budgets.

Other Bills this week:


The bill is scheduled to be heard in Judiciary A next Wednesday, MAY 30th. PLEASE contact the committee members! To access that list and to learn more, click here for an update from Action for Children.

Provisional Bill:

Bills were filed in the House and the Senate this week! House Bill 1081 and Senate Bill 832. Both were referred to committees. We will send alerts as needed once they get presented in these committees.

SB 797 Payment of 2012 Medicaid Costs/Inmate Med Costs

This bill was signed into law on Thursday. It moves around money to fill the over $200 Million Medicaid budget gap by shifting money around. It also slows down the potential of signing inmate medical services over to a private company.



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