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Session, Week 3

Despite having a short week, legislators returned from Memorial Day and got right to work…

On Wednesday, the House debated their proposed budget that passed out of the full Appropriations committee on Tuesday.
To view the budget the House passed, click here.
– Full funding for the Child Welfare Collaborative
– Funding for family planning services transferred to public health departments with a special provision that health departments cannot contract with outside organizations to provide these services. This was a clear attack to defund Planned Parenthood as several legislators made this comment on the House floor during debate.
– Deep cuts to the Substance Abuse Block Grant ($8.5 Million)
– Cuts to the Social Services Block Grant and TANF- these cuts were due to Federal cuts. Legislators moved all direct services funded by these grants to Health and Human Services so no services would be cut. These cuts greatly impact both Child and Adult Protective Services.
– Money for Drug Courts restored: this was amended on the House floor during debate.
– 5 Military Family Counselors added in the budget- this was originally a bill and was added to the budget. This adds 5 new positions in 2 school districts- 3 in Cumberland County and 2 in Onslow.

If you would like to discuss any of these cuts or find out about more, contact Kay Paksoy, Director of Advocacy, Policy and Legislation at

Bill updates:
-Raise the Age was originally scheduled for this week. It has been moved and will be on schedule next Wednesday, June 6th. Find out more about Raise the Age, here. We feel it has even support to pass out of the Committee and be heard on the floor.
– Provisional Bill: this bill will be heard on TUESDAY at 10AM in Health and Human Services. You can listen to it here, room 544 if you want to hear what may happen with it. We know of NO opposition to this bill and are confident, if heard in committee, it will be taken straight to the House floor.

As more happens, we will keep you updated. If you are following particular bills, let NASW-NC know so we can add it to our list of bills to follow.




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