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Legislative Session, Week 9

A lot has been happening around the General Assembly this week including changes to LME/MCO, school social workers, health care, the death NASWNC09262011-3 (531x800)penalty and more! We’re starting to see many bills filed impacting the profession and our clients. It is important, as social workers, to establish relationships with your legislators so you can contact them about how legislation impacts their district! The social work voice is a strong and important- let your voice be heard!

Relevant bills filed

House Bill 452: 2013 School Safety Act– this legislation would increase the number of school resource officers, school psychologists, guidance counselors and school social workers. It would also install panic alarm systems and several other measures to ensure public schools safety.

Senate Bill 415: Define Min. Qualificant’ns/Local DSS Directors– this legislation defines minium qualifications for local DSS Directors. The bills states that a Director must have an MSW/BSW with supervisory experience in client services or have supervisory experience with at least two years in social services.

Senate Resolution 432: Military Appreciation Day– this legislation honors May as National Military appreciation month.

Senate Bill 447: Eligibility Requirements/Public Assistance– this legislation requires anyone applying for public assistance to undergo drug testing. If the drug test is failed, the individual will be required to undergo substance abuse treatment. It was referred to Senate Health Care.

Senate Bill 518: Healthy Marriage Act– this legislation would amend NC’s divorce laws to two years of separation in which couples would undergo marriage counseling. It has not been referred to a committee.

Senate Bill 542: Drug Testing for LTC Applicants & Employees– this legislation would require employees of Long Term Care facilities to undergo drug testing.

Senate Bill 551: Amend Laws Pertaining to Medicaid– this legislation amends laws to Medicaid as directed by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Senate Bill 554: Amend Child Welfare & Public Health Laws– this legislation makes changes to child welfare laws pertaining to placing a juvenile and makes changes to public health laws pertaining to fines and cancer reporting.

Senate Bill 553: LME/MCO Enrollee Grievance & Appeals– this legislation makes changes to an LME/MCO’s grievance and appeals process.

Action taken on relevant bills 

Senate Bill 208: Effective Operation of 1915(B)/(C) Waiver– this bill was passed in committee this week and will be heard on the Senate Floor on Tuesday.

House Bill 247: Freedom to Negotiate Health Care Rates– this bill passed out of Judiciary this week AND passed the House floor.

Senate Bill 20: Good Samaritain Law/Naloxone Acces– this bill was engrossed on the House floor after passing both the House and Senate. This bill was supported by NASW-NC and included on our Legislative Agenda.

Senate Bill 306: Capital Punishment/Amendments– this bill was passed out of Senate Committee Judiciary 1. It will be heard in the Senate on 4/03/13. This bill would enact the state to start back executions on death row and end the Racial Justice Act. Please contact your Senators and let them know you are opposed to this legislation.

Contacting your legislators
Using Capwiz, you can easily locate who represents you. We encourage you as social workers to get involved if any of these issues impact your work positively or negatively. Need help contacting your legislators? Contact Kay Paksoy, at the chapter office for help!


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