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Legislative Session, Week 4

Week four of the legislative session continued with committee reports in different meetings. Only a few bills had action this week and two bills were signed into law by the Governor (see one below). Governor McCrory gave his first State of the State speech. We were very pleased to hear his support for reinstating the Drug Courts that were cut by the General Assembly in 2011. He was very supportive of helping with addiction disease and we look forward to working with the General Assembly on these issues. You can read more about his State of the State here.

Bills with action this week:

House Bill 4– UI Fund Solvency & Program Changes- This bill was signed into law this week.

Senate Bill 4– No NC Exchange/No Medicaid Expansion- The Senate did not concur with House changes. Legislators have been appointed to work together to conference on changes. Though the Governor has publicly announced his support for this bill, it will not go to his desk until a decision is made my legislators.

House Bill 5– Temporary Funding/Group Homes & SCUs- this bill, one we are in support of, was heard by the Senate. A few changes were made so it will have to go back to the House before going to the Governor. This bill extends funding for group homes until July 1 and gives legislators time to fix the funding issue with this year’s budget. The Senate committee amended the bill to include Alzheimer’s patients in special adult care units.

Other Bills of Interest:
House Bill 29- Methamphetamine/Offense/Penalties.


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