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What do social work ethics and social justice have to do with each other?

2013 Ethics Conference Speaker

2013 Ethics Conference Speaker

Come hear Jack Register share his research on social justice.  His session at the 2013 NASW-NC Ethics Conference will cover the current concerns in social work of doing “justice” work.  The NASW Code of Ethics is clear in its mandate that all practitioners must work toward social justice.  But what does this mean?  Social work has become, a profession that is done within the structure of agencies as opposed to being the structure of an agency.  While the outward display of justice may have changed over time, there is as much “justice work” today as at the beginning of the profession.

Take advantage of early registration, and register today! Click here to register.

Jack Register, MSW, LCSW, LCAS  is an Instructor in the UNCG Department of Social Work and is also a PhD Candidate with the Union Institute and University Interdisciplinary Program in Public Policy & Social Change.  Jack is a clinician with experience in medical, non profit, and addiction care.  Jack is also the former advocacy & legislative staff member for NASW-NC and  is currently serving on the Board of Directors.  Jack has been involved in advocacy efforts of the NC Queer community.  In 2007, Social Work Today Magazine named Jack One of Today’s Most Influential Social Workers




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