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Getting involved with campaigns

NASW-NC wants to encourage our members to not only get out and vote this election season but also to help out candidates you support! NASW-NC has a list of candidates endorsed by our Political Action for Candidate Election Committee (PACE). Check out this list to see if we’ve endorsed candidates in your area. A great way to show support for these endorsed candidates is to help with their campaigns!

Why Get Involved?

  • The Social Work profession’s Code of Ethics urges social and political action.
  • Getting involved helps members support issues that they are passionate about in the election.
  • “It is easier to spend a few months and some money electing the right people, than to spend years and a lot of money trying to get the wrong people to do the right things.” –Debbie Stabenow, MSW
  • Getting involved in a campaign helps the candidate gain a better understanding of the social work field.
  • Candidates are aware of the people and organizations that helped elect them and can be resources in the future to provide a helping hand when called upon.

How to Get Involved

  • Call the local offices of the individuals you choose to support—volunteers are always needed.
    • Volunteering your time is the most valuable thing you can give to a campaign and to a candidate.
    • Spread the word.
      • Get friends involved too.
      • Write to your newspaper or post on social media sites about who you feel is the best candidate and why.  When you know who your favorite candidates are, educate others.
      • Making campaign donations funds voter education to help support “smart vote.”
      • Urge people to vote on Election Day.
        • Take a friend to vote with you.
        • Hand out candidate fliers at polling places.

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This entry was posted on August 30, 2012 by in Advocacy.

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