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2012 Short Session, Week 1

The 2012 Legislative short session started on Wednesday. While legislators had originally promised to have the House budget rolled out on Wednesday, it looks like it will be one more week for that.

Actions relevant to social workers during Week 1:

United Way and Action for Children hosted a Child and Family Advocacy Day on Thursday. Thanks to all that came out for it! One of the issues we helped advocate for was Raise the Age. In NC, we are one of two states that still prosecutes 16 and 17 year olds as adults for misdemeanors. Be sure to contact your legislator and let them know our laws are outdated and we need to pass Senate Bill 434 THIS session! Our kids cannot wait another year!

SB 797: Ensure Timely Payment of 2012 Medicaid Costs: this bill is the proposal to fix the Medicaid budget gap. So far, it seems promising. The plan is to shift money around that is not being used to fill the gap so no services will be lost. We will see how this plays out once the line item budget is released for the Department of Health and Human Services.

HB 947: Eugenics Compensation Program: A bill honoring those that were wronged by the state of NC during the Eugenics program. This bill allocates $50,000 to each living victim. We are in support of honoring those that were discriminated in NC. Click here to view NASW-NC’s position on Eugenics.

HB 972: Add Military Family Counselors: a bill allocating money for 5 new positions- 2 in Onslow County and 3 in Cumberland County. We are in support of adding counselors (including LCSW’s) to help support military children in schools.

Interested in advocating for Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse Services? Join us Tuesday, May 22nd at the General Assembly for a Popcorn Rally!

The last EXCITING thing that happened this week, Provisional Licensure Update: The Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services met on Tuesday, May 15th and approved a statutory change for Provisional Social Workers. The term ‘provisional,’ not recognized by the Center for Medicaid Services, will now be changed to ASSOCIATE and all will be directly enrolled. This is a HUGE accomplishment for our profession and will ensure a future for associates!!!

This will be a bill presented during short session which starts Wednesday, May 16th. Be on the lookout for action alerts to contact your legislators! To see language of the bill, click here. See the links for Provisional Licensure Changes Medicaid and Statutory Changes to Provisional Licensed Providers.

Need help in getting involved in the Legislative Session or learning how to talk to your legislators? Visit NASW-NC’s advocacy page to learn more!


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