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My Journey to Social Work: Jasmin Ahluwalia

Jasmine (2)NASW-NC would like to introduce you to the new 2015-2016 NASW-NC Board of Directors.

Each of our amazing board members chose the profession of social work for a reason and we would like to share their stories with you.  Stay tuned for a post about each of the social workers who represent YOU on the NASW-NC Board.

Jasmin Ahluwalia
Graduate Student Representative

NASW connects like-minded individuals and creates a resource of knowledge and experience readily available and accessible. We find the human mind to be an enigma and our deep curiosity about people and a desire to understand their complexities brings us together and that why I also do social work. As a member, I am always gaining knowledge and information about current issues concerning social work and social workers – current research, new legislative bills and policies, webinars, and conferences. To even further my knowledge, I chose to serve on the NASW-NC board. I am in the final year of my Masters program and hence, I plan to gain as much experience as I possibly can during this year. After graduating, I plan to get my licensure and work as a clinician in either a prison or hospital setting. With the help of NASW, it will be an easier transition.


Learn more about the NASW-NC Board of Directors and what NASW-NC does for the social work profession in North Carolina

Learn more about past and present NASW-NC Board Members.


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