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Legislative Session, Week 7

legislativeWeek Seven of the 2013 Legislative Session moved quickly. More bills are starting to be filed that impact the profession. If you’d like to contact your legislators about any of this legislation, be sure to check out our Capwiz Center to find your legislators.

Action taken:

SB 45/(H.B. 88): Incapacity to Proceed Amendments
Which amends current incapacity to proceed laws was heard in committee this week. It is scheduled to be heard on the House floor on Tuesday (it has already passed the Senate).

HB 58 Nonprofit Grants/Increase Accountability
This bill was filed to improve the oversight of state grants to nonstate groups and to increase the accountability of grantees who recieve state grants. It was recommended by the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee. This bill was referred to Appropriations this week.

House Bill 75/SB70: Kilah’s Law/Increase Child Abuse Penalties
This bill passed the House and was sent to the Senate. It increases child abuse penalties to a Class D Felony.

Relevant bills filed this week:

This bill appropriates $78,000,000 to Health and Human services for fiscal years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 to services to individuals diagnosed with MH/DD/SA who are not eligible for Medicaid. This bill was referred to Appropriations.

These bills reverse the contract signed into law by Gov. Perdue at the end of last year. The new legislation would allow the State and the city of Raleigh  to enter into a new lease on the Dorothea Dix campus that is at fair market value, complies with state law and upholds the property’s longstanding commitment to serving the mentally ill. It was filed but has not been assigned to a committee.

This bill is troublesome for providers as it establishes standards for MCOs and establishes grievance and appeal procedures for enrollees. It essentially repeals 108C. NASW-NC will be working with other advocacy organizations to ensure that social workers are not hurt under this legislation. It has not been assigned to committee yet.

SB 277 Require Educ. Development Plan/Foster Care
This bill would require the Social Services Commission to adopt rules for foster parents to develop educational plans for foster children by the time they are in high school. This bill was referred to Senate Committee on Health Care.

SB 278 Foster Children/Corp. Punish. Changes
This legislation amends corporal punishment laws for schools and states that children in foster care cannot receive corporal punishment at school. It also clarifies that officials and witnesses that administer this type of punishment has to be of the same sex of the student who is being punished. While NASW-NC believes corporal punishment should be banned by schools all together, we support the legislation in clarify the laws. It was referred to the Senate Rules Committee.

This legislation was filed to address the shortfall in the Medicaid program in 2012-2013 fiscal year. The bill allows the Director of Budget to appropriate funds to fill the gap. It has not been assigned to committee yet.

2013 Lobby Day

We are very much looking forward to having you all join us on Wednesday, March 20th for Social Work Lobby Day! We have 500 social workers registered and ready to join us on Wednesday. If you didn’t get to register because we filled up so quickly, consider coming and meeting with your legislators anyway! You can find all of the information for Lobby Day on our Information Page by clicking here.


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