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Early Voting

Early Voting
by Caitlin Mayo, BSW Intern

What is early voting?
Early voting, also referred to as One-Stop Absentee Voting, permits any registered voter to cast their ballot in person prior to Election Day. Same day voter registration is also allowed during early voting.

Benefits of early voting:

  • Likely less waiting time
  • Fewer crowds
  • Multiple locations in most Counties
  • Convenient hours

When and where can I vote early?
Early voting at One-Stop sites begins nineteen days before Election Day and ends the Saturday prior to the election. You can vote at any of the One-Stop locations in the county that you are registered and living in. To find the locations and times, you can check the NC One Stop Voting Sites: The hours of the different sites vary, so it is important to check.

Can I register and vote the same day?
• Yes, only during early voting can you register and vote the same day!
• In order to register and vote the same day during the early voting period, you are required to show election officials one of the following acceptable forms of identification as proof of your residence:
o NC Driver’s License with current address
o Utility bill with current address
o Bank statement with current address
o Paycheck stub with current address
o Student ID with a document from the school showing the student’s current address
o Any local, state, or federal document showing your residential address (car registration, fishing license, military ID, Social Security letter,       tax bill, etc.)

Do I need to bring identification to vote?
• If you have registered and voted at your current address in past elections then you do NOT need to bring identification.
• Even though it is not required, it is a good idea to bring your identification if you are a first-time voter who registered to vote by mail without providing proof of residency.


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