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Session, Week 7

Things are starting to wind down at the legislative building as legislators await Gov. Perdue’s veto or signature of the bill. Legislators are still expecting to be done by July 4th. When session is over, we will make a complete list of bills we followed during short session and their progress throughout session.

SB 191- LME Governance: After amending the original bill (HB 1075) many times during short session, this bill started from scratch this week and restored to it’s original version. This version restores language regarding Guardianship. Please look at the context of the bill and see how it affects you or your clients. The bill is being held up in the Senate but has passed the House.

SB 433- Local Human Services Administration: a controversial bill that would give more local control to boards of county commissioners. This was a pilot program in Durham and Wake Counties. It is held up on the Senate floor and is scheduled to be heard next Monday.

SB 187- Modifications/2012 Appropriations Act and SB 866- Modify 2011 Appropriations Act are two bills being held that could possibly be implemented if HB 950- Modify 2011 Appropriations Act does not go through. Neither are positive bills and cut even more to social services block grant and stop the transfer of money to fill the Medicaid gap from the Reserve funds.

HB 1023- Expunction/Nonviolent Offenses: Passed the House and Senate committee, it is on to the Senate floor. This bill will allow criminal records to be cleared after 15 years of a clean record.

SB 910- Sale of a Child/Felony Offense: This bill passed the House and should be going to the Senate. It strengthens the crime of selling a child from a misdemeanor to a felony.



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